Original Twilight Zone Episode List

Season Five

28. Caesar and Me

Airdate: 10 Apr 1964
Caesar And Me - Twilight Zone Jonathan West, a ventriloquist, commits some robberies on the advice of his dummy, Little Caesar. Susan, his landlady's neice, reports him to the police and Jonathan is apprehended. Where will Little Caesar find a new accomplice?
Main Cast: Jackie Cooper, Morgan Brittany, Sarah Selby, Stafford Repp

29. The Jeopardy Room

Airdate: 17 Apr 1964
The Jeopardy Room - Twilight Zone KGB defector Ivan Kuchenko must find the location of a bomb planted in a hotel room inside three hours or he will be shot by a gun that is being trained on him. How can Kuchenko possibly escape?
Main Cast: Martin Landau, John Van Dreelen, Robert Kelljan

30. Stopover in a Quiet Town

Airdate: 24 Apr 1964
Stopover in a Quiet Town - Twilight Zone Bob and Millie, a married couple, wake up in a strange house after drinking heavily the night before. They discover that the house is made of props. Outside, they find that the town is also artificial and deserted. What kind of nightmare are they experiencing?
Main Cast: Barry Nelson, Nancy Malone

31. The Encounter

Airdate: 1 May 1964
The Encounter - Twilight Zone Fenton, a World War II veteran, and Taro, a young Japanese-American, are trapped together in Fenton's attic. Taro spots a samurai sword that Fenton says he took from a dead soldier. Will it lead to a deadly encounter?
Main Cast: Neville Brand, George Takei

32. Mr. Garrity and the Graves

Airdate: 8 May 1964
Mr Garrity And The Graves - Twilight Zone Mr. Jared Garrity, a travelling peddler, tells some townsfolk that when midnight chimes the occupiers of a cemetery will be resurrected from the dead. Is he a charlatan?
Main Cast: John Dehner, J. Pat O'Malley

33. The Brain Center at Whipple's

Airdate: 15 May 1964
The Brain Center At whipples - Twilight Zone Wallace Whipple, the owner of a large manufacturing company, decides to automate his plant by replacing people with computers. Later, Dickerson, one of his erstwhile employees, tries to destroy them.
Main Cast: Richard Deacon, Paul Newlan, Ted de Corsia, Thalmus Rasulala

34. Come Wander with Me

Airdate: 22 May 1964
Come Wander With Me - Twilight Zone Rock ' n ' Roll Singer Floyd Burney is on the hunt for a new song. After he hears a girl humming a tune, he decides to pursue her and buy the rights to the song, but she tells him that the song is not up for sale.
Main Cast: Gary Crosby, Bonnie Beecher, John Bolt, Hank Patterson

35. The Fear

Airdate: 29 May 1964
The Fear - Twilight Zone A Trooper, Franklin, investigates when lights are reported. During the investigation, his car becomes overturned. Later, he finds that it has been put back again but with a massive set of fingerprints on its side. What form of being is Franklin dealing with?
Main Cast: Hazel Court, Mark Richman

36. The Bewitchin' Pool

Airdate: 19 Jun 1964
The Bewitchin Pool - Twilight Zone Jeb and sport dive into their swimming pool and emerge in a different place with laughing children, ruled over by aunt T, a cheerful old lady. Aunt T explains to the children that the place is a haven for children whose parents don't love them.
Main Cast: Kim Hector, Dee Hartford, Mary Badham, Jeffrey Byron, Georgia Simmons