Original Twilight Zone Episode List

Season Five

19. Night Call

Airdate: 7 Feb 1964
Night Call - Twilight Zone Elva Keene starts to receive some weird phone calls. At first the caller says nothing, but in later calls Elva can hear somebody moaning. Ultimately, she discovers that the calls are coming from a line lying on her ex fiance's grave.
Main Cast: Gladys Cooper, Nora Marlowe

20. From Agnes with Love

Airdate: 14 Feb 1964
From Agnes With Love - Twilight Zone James Elwood, a computer programmer, works with the computer Mark 502-741, otherwise known as 'Agnes'. After Agnes gives James some bad advice about his love-life, Agnes declares that "she" is in love with him.
Main Cast: Wally Cox, Sue Randall

21. Spur of the Moment

Airdate: 21 Feb 1964
Spur Of The Moment - Twilight Zone Anne marie Henderson, a young woman, is being pursued by a strange woman on horseback all dressed in black, who looks as though she is trying to run her down. Just who is the woman after Anne Marie?
Main Cast: Diana Hyland, Robert J. Hogan

22. An Occurrence at Owl creek Bridge

Airdate: 28 Feb 1964
An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge - Twilight Zone A confederate spy is just about to be hanged, when the rope snaps. He plummets into the water below, dodges all the bullets, and goes home to fall into the arms of his wife.
Main Cast: Roger Jacquet, Anne Cornaly, Anker Larsen

23. Queen of the Nile

Airdate: 6 Mar 1964
Queen Of The Nile - Twilight Zone Jordan Herrick, an investigative reporter, confronts actress Pamela Morris, believing that she and Constance Taylor, an actress from many years ago, are one and the same person.
Main Cast: Ann Blyth, Lee Philips

24. What's in the Box

Airdate: 13 Mar 1964
Whats In The Box - Twilight Zone After the television is repaired, Joe britt discovers a new channel. It shows a scene of he and his wife arguing. In the scene, he sees himself punching her through a window to her death. It also depicts his subsequent trial, conviction and execution in the electric chair. Has Joe just glimpsed his future?
Main Cast: Joan Blondell, William Demarest, Sterling Holloway

25. The Masks

Airdate: 20 Mar 1964
The Masks - Twilight Zone Jason Foster, a dying and very wealthy old man, makes his four children wear some Cajun masks during a special Mardi Gras party. Jason stipulates that each of his children must wear the masks until midnight, or they will not receive a penny from his vast estate.
Main Cast: Robert Keith

26. I am the Night - Colour me Black

Airdate: 27 Mar 1964
I Am The Night Colour Me Black - Twilight Zone Jagger is condemned to hang after he kills a psycopath in self-defence. When the day of his execution finally arrives, the sun fails to rise. Will Jagger be hanged anyway?
Main Cast: Terry Becker, Michael Constantine, Paul Fix, George Lindsey Ivan Dixon

27. Sounds and Silences

Airdate: 3 Apr 1964
sounds And Silences - Twilight Zone Roswell G. Flemington loves loud noises and likes nothing more than listening to naval battles; his wife has already divorced him because of his weird obssession. One day, the noises get too much for him, and he decides to visit a psychiatrist.
Main Cast: John McGiver, Penny Singleton

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