Original Twilight Zone Episode List

Season Three

29. Four O'clock

Airdate: 6 Apr 1962
Four O Clock - Twilight Zone Oliver Crangle is a bigot and a charlatan. He keeps meticulous records of people that he deems to be acting in an evil way. He tries to get them fired from their place of unemployment, but is unsatisfied with his results. Frustrated, he proclaims that at four o'clock all the evil people in the world will be shrunk to two feet tall.
Main Cast: Theodore bikel

30. Hocus-Pocus and Frisby

Airdate: 13 Apr 1962
Hocus Pocus And Frisby - Twilight Zone Frisby runs a small store and gas station and is known in the town for the ridiculous yarns he spins about all sorts of subjects. One night, he is asked to board a spacecraft by two creatures. They wish to take him with them as they believe all the exaggerated tales he tells them. When Frisby tells them that he lied, the aliens do not understand him as they have no comprehension of the concept of a lie.
Main Cast: Andy Devine

31. The Trade-Ins

Airdate: 20 Apr 1962
The Trade Ins - Twilight Zone John and Marie Holt, an elderly couple, visit a company that offers new bodies to aging people. Unfortunately, they discover that they only have enough funds to pay for one body.
Main Cast: Joseph Schildkraut, Alma Platt

32. The Gift

Airdate: 27 Apr 1962
The Gift - Twilight Zone A humanoid alien crash lands, accidentally killing a police officer. Wounded in the incident, he staggers to a bar and collapses. A local doctor treats him, and while recuperating the alien befriends a young boy, Pedro. He gives Pedro a "gift" and tells him that he will explain all about it later.
Main Cast: Geoffrey Horne, Nico Minardos, Edmund Vargas, Cliff Osmond

33. The Dummy

Airdate: 4 May 1962
The Dummy - Twilight Zone Jerry Etherson is a ventriloquist, and he performs with his dummy, Willy. When Jerry decides that he wants to change his act and perform with a new dummy, Willy is none too pleased.
Main Cast: Cliff Robertson, Frank Sutton

34. Young Man's Fancy

Airdate: 11 May 1962
Young Mans Fancy - Twilight Zone A newly married man and his wife move into his late mother's home. While there, he finds it impossible to leave behind the memories of his childhood. So strong and intense are his memories that a vision of his mother reappears from the past.
Main Cast: Alex Nicol, Phyllis Thaxter, Wallace Rooney, Helen Brown, Ricky Kelman

35. I Sing the Body Electric

Airdate: 18 May 1962
I Sing The Body Electric - Twilight Zone A widower picks a robotic grandmother for his motherless children. All the children grow to love their new "grandmother" except Anne, who takes a dislike to her. Will she come to accept her transistorised grandma?
Main Cast: Josephine Hutchinson, David White

36. Cavender is Coming

Airdate: 25 May 1962
Cavender Is Coming - Twilight Zone Agnes Grep, down on her luck and behind on her rent, is sent a guardian angel, Cavender, to make her happy in twenty-four hours and earn his wings.
Main Cast: Carol Burnett, Jesse White

37. The Changing of the Guard

Airdate: 1 Jun 1962
The Changing Of The Guard - Twilight Zone Elderly teacher Ellis Fowler is forced to retire by his school. After reminiscing about his time at the school, he comes to the conclusion that his time spent there has been a waste. He returns, in the depths of depression, once more to the school intending to kill himself.
Main Cast: Donald Pleasance

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