Original Twilight Zone Episode List

Season Three

20. Showdown with Rance McGrew

Airdate: 2 Feb 1962
Showdown With Rance Mcgrew - Twilight Zone Television cowboy Rance McGrew is about to film a scene where he gets shot in the back by Jesse James. Just then, the real Jesse James walks into the saloon and explains that he and other outlaws are not happy with the way they are being depicted on his show. He challenges McGrew to a showdown.
Main Cast: Larry Blyden, Arch Johnson

21. Kick the Can

Airdate: 9 Feb 1962
Kick The Can - Twilight Zone Charles Whitley, the resident of an old peoples' home, believes that the secret to youth is acting young. Other residents think he has gone mad.
Main Cast: Ernest Truex, Barry Truex, Russell Collins

22. A Piano in the House

Airdate: 16 Feb 1962
A Piano In The House - Twilight Zone Fitzgerald Fortune, a drama critic, purchases a new piano at a curio shop for his wife. He finds that the piano causes people to reveal their true emotions.
Main Cast: Barry Morse, Joan Hackett, Muriel Landers

23. The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank

Airdate: 23 Feb 1962
The Last Rites Of Jeff Myrtlebank - Twilight Zone The members of a small town are amazed when Jeff Myrtlebank comes to life at his own funeral. The town's doctor states that it must be a rare medical condition, but the townspeople believe he is possessed by demons. Jeff seems to be the same person, but he has become a hard worker and proficient fist-fighter.
Main Cast: James Best

24. To Serve Man

Airdate: 2 Mar 1962
To Serve Man - Twilight Zone The Kanamits arrive on Earth and seem to be full of good intentions, helping man in all sorts of ways. They leave a book. After scientists have decoded the title as "To Serve Man", they frantically try to decode the rest of the book.
Main Cast: Lloyd Bochner, Richard Kiel, Susan Cummings

25. The Fugitive

Airdate: 9 Mar 1962
The Fugitive - Twilight Zone Old Ben is a grandfatherly gentleman with unbelievable powers who has become friendly with a group of children. Two strangers appear on the scene and start to ask questions about Ben. Just who is Ben, and where does he come from?.
Main Cast: J. Pat O' Malley, Susan Gordon

26. Little Girl Lost

Airdate: 16 Mar 1962
Little Girl Lost - Twilight Zone Tina Miller disappears when she rolls under the bed. The dog runs after her, and he too disappears. Her father calls in a physicist friend to help.
Main Cast: Robert Sampson, Sarah Marshall, Tracy Stratford, Charles Aidman

27. Person or Persons Unknown

Airdate: 23 Mar 1962
Person Or Persons Unknown - Twilight Zone David Gurney awakes to find that nobody knows who he is and that all evidence of his existence has mysteriously disappeared. He is put into an asylum, but then escapes to search for some proof that he existed.
Main Cast: Richard Long, Frank Silvera

28. The Little People

Airdate: 30 Mar 1962
The Little People - Twilight Zone Two astronauts, Peter Craig and William Fletcher, set down on an alien planet to make repairs to their ship. Craig stumbles on an alien civilization no bigger than insects. He starts to terrorise the people by stamping on some of their buildings and proclaims himself a god.
Main Cast: Joe Maross, Claude Akins

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