Original Twilight Zone Episode List

Season Three

1. Two

Airdate: 15 Sep 1961
Two - Twilight Zone A man and a woman, two survivors of an apocalyptic war, encounter each other. They both recognise that the uniforms they are wearing are of opposing sides.
Main Cast: Charles Bronson, Elizabeth Montgomery

2. The Arrival

Airdate: 22 Sep 1961
The Arrival - Twilight Zone Flight 107 lands with no passengers or crew. A man from the FAA, Sheckly, investigates. He believes that the plane is just an illusion and sets out to prove it.
Main Cast: Harold J. Stone, Noah Keen, Fredd Wayne, Bing Russell

3. The Shelter

Airdate: 29 Sep 1961
The Shelter - Twilight Zone During a party, the radio announces that UFOs have been spotted and that everyone should hide in their shelters. When there are too few shelters to go around, friendships are tested to the limit.
Main Cast: Larry Gates, Jack Albertson, Sandy Kenyon, Joseph Bernard

4. The Passerby

Airdate: 6 Oct 1961
The Passerby - Twilight Zone A Confederate soldier stops at a woman's house after the end of the civil war. While there, they both watch soldiers, Union and Confederate, pass by.
Main Cast: James Gregory, Joanne Linville

5. A Game Of Pool

Airdate: 13 Oct 1961
A Game Of Pool - Twilight Zone Jesse Cardiff wants to prove that he is the best pool player ever, even better than the late Fats Brown. Just then, Fats appears and makes him a challenge.
Main Cast: Jack Klugman, Jonathan Winters

6. The Mirror

Airdate: 20 Oct 1961
The Mirror - Twilight Zone When Clemente becomes the new dictator after a coup, he is told by the deposed one that the mirror he has in his office will reveal the faces of his enemies. Clemente soon becomes overtaken by paranoia.
Main Cast: Peter Falk

7. The Grave

Airdate: 27 Oct 1961
The Grave - Twilight Zone Before Sykes died, he vowed that if the hired-gun Conny Miller ever got near to his grave, he would reach up and grab him. Miller accepts a bet to go to sykes' grave and plunge a dagger into it.
Main Cast: Lee Marvin, James Best, Lee Van Cleef

8. It's A Good Life

Airdate: 3 Nov 1961
Its A Good Life - Twilight Zone In a small hamlet in Peaksville, Ohio, lives Anthony Fremont, a six year old boy with amazing powers. He uses his abilities to control anything he wishes, even the inhabitants themselves, who live in fear of him.
Main Cast: Billy Mumy, John Larch, Cloris Leachman

9. Deaths-Head Revisited

Airdate: 10 Nov 1961
Deaths Head Revisited - Twilight Zone Former S.S. Captain Gunther Lutze walks through an old concentration camp. He meets Becker, who he mistakes for a caretaker. Becker is actually a ghost of one of the camp's former inhabitants, and he and other ghosts who haunt the camp put Lutze on trial.
Main Cast: Oscar Beregi Jr, Joseph Schildkraut

10. The Midnight Sun

Airdate: 17 Nov 1961
The Midnight Sun - Twilight Zone The Earth is heading closer and closer to the sun causing the temperature to rise inexorably. Two women remain closeted in their apartments, and outside people are frantically searching for water to quench their unbearable thirsts.
Main Cast: Lois Nettleton, Betty garde, Tom Reese

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