Original Twilight Zone Episode List

Season Three

11. Still Valley

Airdate: 24 Nov 1961
Still Valley - Twilight Zone Paradine, a Confederate officer, walks into a town full of Union soldiers who have been frozen in time by a man with a black book. Close to death, the man gives Paradine the book and tells him to use it to win the war.
Main Cast: Gary Merrill, Vaughn Taylor, Ben Cooper

12. The Jungle

Airdate: 1 Dec 1961
The Jungle - Twilight Zone Alan Richard's company is building a dam in Africa. He tells his board members that the local witch doctors have put a curse on the project. The board members scoff, but they find that they all have superstitious items about them.
Main Cast: John Dehner, Emily McLaughlin

13. Once Upon a Time

Airdate: 15 Dec 1961
Once Upon A Time - Twilight Zone A janitor, Woodrow Mulligan, uses a time helmet developed by his boss to move forward in time seventy-two years.
Main Cast: Buster Keaton, Stanley Adams

14. Five Characters in Search of an Exit

Airdate: 22 Dec 1961
Five Characters In Search Of An Exit - Twilight Zone Five characters, a ballet dancer, a hobo, a clown, a bagpiper and an army Major, find themselves trapped inside a cylindrical object with no memory of how they got there.
Main Cast: William Windom, Murray Matheson, Susan Harrison, Kelton Garwood, Clark Allen

15. A Quality of Mercy

Airdate: 29 Dec 1961
A Quality Of Mercy - Twilight Zone In World War II a young Lieutenant orders his troops to mount a suicidal attack on a group of weary Japanese soldiers. Sergeant Causarano tries to change the Lieutenant's mind, but the Lieutenant will have none of it. Suddenly, the Lieutenant is transported back in time three years earlier as a Lieutenant in the Japanese army and gets a different perspective.
Main Cast: Dean Stockwood, Albert Salmi

16. Nothing in the Dark

Airdate: 5 Jan 1962
Nothing In The Dark - Twilight Zone Wanda Dunn, an elderly woman, is afraid to venture outside her dreary basement apartment because she thinks "Mr. Death" is lying in wait. When a policeman is shot just outside her door, she manages to overcome her fear and drag him inside.
Main Cast: Robert Redford, Gladys Cooper

17. One More Pallbearer

Airdate: 12 Jan 1962
One More pallbearer - Twilight Zone Paul Radin invites three people to meet him at his self-built bomb shelter. They are people that Radin feels have wronged him in the past. He fakes a nuclear war in an attempt to get each person to apologise for their past actions.
Main Cast: Joseph Wiseman

18. Dead Man's Shoes

Airdate: 19 Jan 1962
Deads Man Shoes - Twilight Zone Street bum Nate Bledscoe takes a pair of good shoes from a body dumped in the alley. The body happens to be that of a gangster who was the target of a mob hit. The shoes give Nate the personality of the victim, and he continues where he left off.
Main Cast: Warren Stevens, Richard Devon

19. The Hunt

Airdate: 26 Jan 1962
The Hunt - Twilight Zone Hyder Simpson goes hunting with his dog Rip. During the hunt, his dog dives into a lake after a raccoon. Moments later, only the raccoon emerges unscathed from the waters. Next morning, Hyder and Rip find themselves lying down next to the lake.
Main Cast: Arthur Hunnicut, Jeanette Nolan

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