Original Twilight Zone Episode List

Season Two

1. King Nine Will Not Return

Airdate: 30 Sep 1960
King Nine Will Not Return - Twilight Zone The year is 1943, the place Africa. James Embry wakes up amongst the wreckage of King nine, a medium bomber. He has vague memories of crashing with the crew, so he sets off to look for them.
Main Cast: Robert Cummings, Paul Lambert, Gene Lyons

2. The Man In The Bottle

Airdate: 7 Oct 1960
The Man In The Bottle - Twilight Zone Arthur Castle, an unsuccessful antiques dealer, buys a seemingly worthless bottle in pity from a poor old lady. The bottle contains a genie who grants him and his wife four wishes. The genie warns that every wish has consequences and that they must choose them wisely. Will they?
Main Cast: Luther Adler, Joseph Ruskin

3. Nervous Man In A Four Dollar Room

Airdate: 14 Oct 1960
Nervous Man In a Four Dollar Room - Twilight Zone Jackie is ordered to kill a bar owner. Too nervous to carry out the hit, he sees a strange reflection in a mirror. It is of himself, but with one difference - the reflection is confident and self-assured, everything that Jackie is not.
Main Cast: Joe Mantell, William D. Gordon

4. A Thing About Machines

Airdate: 28 Oct 1960
A Thing About Machines - Twilight Zone To Bartlett Finchley machines are an anathema. He constantly abuses them and has come to the conclusion that they are conspiring against him. The people around him write him off as paranoid, but they are proven wrong as every machine he owns eventually turn on him.
Main Cast: Richard Haydn

5. The Howling Man

Airdate: 4 Nov 1960
The Howling Man - Twilight Zone Seeking refuge from a storm, a traveller chances upon a hermitage of monks. They are forced to take him in when he passes out. When he revives, he hears a howling sound and discovers an old man who says he is being kept captive by brother Jerome. Brother Jerome admits to the traveller that the old man is being imprisoned, but it is because he is really the Devil!
Main Cast: John Carradine, Robin Hughes, H.M. Wynant

6. Eye Of The Beholder

Airdate: 11 Nov 1960
Eye Of The Beholder - Twilight Zone Janet Tyler is in hospital waiting for the outcome of her latest operation to be revealed. If not successful, she will be forced into a segregated area where others of her kind are kept.
Main Cast: Maxine Stuart

7. Nick Of Time

Airdate: 18 Nov 1960
Nick Of Time - Twilight Zone Waiting for their car to be repaired, Don and Pat, a honeymooning couple, take a meal at a diner. Don spots a fortune-telling machine and soon becomes entranced by its seemingly accurate predictions.
Main Cast: William Shatner, Patricia Breslin

8. The Lateness Of The Hour

Airdate: 2 Dec 1960
The Lateness Of The Hour - Twilight Zone Dr. Loren's house is staffed by androids. Jane, his daughter, believes that they have become over-reliant on their artificial servants and implores her father to dismantle them. After he agrees to her requests, she tells her parents that she wishes to leave and start a family.
Main Cast: Inger Stevens, John Hoyt, Irene Tedrow

9. The Trouble With Templeton

Airdate: 9 Dec 1960
The Trouble With Templeton - Twilight Zone Templeton yearns for the days when his wife Laura was still alive. After an altercation in the theatre with a young director, he finds himself back in 1927. He locates Laura, but his memories are not what he thought they were.
Writer: Jack Neuman

10. A Most Unusual Camera

Airdate: 16 Dec 1960
A Most Unusual Camera - Twilight Zone Chester and his wife Paula come into the possession of a camera that takes pictures of things five minutes in the future. When Paul's brother shows up, they decide to take pictures at a racetrack to win some money. Later, they discover that the camera will produce only two more pictures. Will they come to an agreement about how to use their last two shots, or will the situation lead to their downfall?
Main Cast: Fred Clark, Jean Carson, Adam Williams

11. The Night Of The Meek

Airdate: 23 Dec 1960
The Night Of The Meek - Twilight Zone Henry Corwin, a store santa, is fired on Christmas Eve after arriving drunk for work. Stumbling into an alley, he hears some sleigh bells and trips over a large bag stuffed with packages which has the magical ability to give out any item that is asked of it. What part will the bag play in Henry's destiny?
Main Cast: Art carney

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