Original Twilight Zone Episode List

Season Two

12. Dust

Airdate: 6 Jan 1961
Dust - Twilight Zone A condemned man's family buy some 'magic dust' from a dishonest peddler. The peddler tells them that it can turn hate into love. They sprinkle the dust around the gallows and over the crowd, but to no avail.
Main Cast: Thomas Gomez, Vladimir Sokoloff, John Larch

13. Back There

Airdate: 13 Jan 1961
Back Here - Twilight Zone Peter Corrigan and some friends are discussing time travel. He suddenly becomes dizzy and finds himself in the past at the date of Lincoln's assassination. Can he change history?
Main Cast: Russell Johnson, Paul Hartman, John Lasell

14. The Whole truth

Airdate: 20 Jan 1961
The Whole Truth - Twilight Zone Used-car salesman Harvey Hunnicut finds that he cannot tell a lie when trying to sell a Model A car he has just bought. His usual sales pitch has been brought to a shuddering halt.
Main Cast: Jack Carson, Loring Smith

15. The Invaders

Airdate: 27 Jan 1961
The Invaders - Twilight Zone An old woman hears a noise on the roof of her house. Going up to investigate, she sees a small flying saucer with robot-like creatures coming out of it. The two creatures start to torment the woman.
Main Cast: Agnes Moorhead

16. A Penny For Your Thoughts

Airdate: 3 Feb 1961
A Penny For Your Thoughts - Twilight Zone Hector B. Poole wakes up one morning and finds that he has psychic powers after tossing a coin that amazingly lands on its edge. He also discovers that he has the power to read peoples' minds. Could this prove to be a curse more than a blessing?
Main Cast: Dick York

17. Twenty Two

Airdate: 10 Feb 1961
Twenty Two - Twilight Zone Liz Powell, a professional dancer, is recovering in hospital from stress. Every night she has the same nightmare. In the nightmare, she wakes at midnight, accidentally smashes a glass of water and hears footsteps outside her room. It is a nurse who draws her down an elevator and to room 22. The nurse emerges from the room and says, "Room for one more, honey".
Main Cast: Barbara Nichols, Jonathan Harris, Fred Wayne, Arline Sax

18. The Odyssey Of Flight 33

Airdate: 24 Feb 1961
The Odyssey Of Flight 33 - Twilight Zone After reaching a speed of three-thousand knots, an aircrew finds the radio to be dead. When they descend below the clouds, they are horrified to see dinosaurs roaming the planet. Have they somehow been flung back in time?
Main Cast: John Anderson, Paul Comi, Sandy Kenyon

19. Mr Dingle The Strong

Airdate: 3 Mar 1961
Mr Dingle The Strong - Twilight Zone Luther Dingle has always been a weak and timid man. One day, as a scientific experiment, two invisible Martians decide to give him superhuman strength. Will the Martians be pleased with how Dingle uses his new-found abilities?
Main Cast: Burgess Meredith

20. Static

Airdate: 10 Mar 1961
Static - Twilight Zone Ed Lindsay is an irritable bachelor in his late fifties living in a boarding house. Annoyed by the mindless rubbish on the television, he decides to retrieve the old radio set from the basement which he enjoyed in his younger days. When he turns it on, he is amazed to hear the music and programs years ago. This propels him to re-ignite the flames of his youth with his fellow border, Vinnie.
Main Cast: Dean Jagger

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