Original Twilight Zone Episode List

Season One

28. A Nice Place to Visit

Airdate: 15 Apr 1960
A Nice Place To Visit - Twilight Zone Rocky Valentine, a career criminal, is gunned down by the police. Rocky revives and finds himself in the company of Pip, who tells him that he has been instructed to give him anything he should desire. Needless to say, 'paradise' proves not to be all it's cracked up to be.
Main Cast: Larry Blyden, Sebastian Cabot

29. Nightmare as a Child

Airdate: 29 Apr 1960
Nightmare As A Child - Twilight Zone When schoolteacher Helen Foley encounters a young girl named Markie on the stairs outside her apartment humming a nursery rhyme, she unlocks a traumatic childhood memory; a memory that she has long suppressed.
Main Cast: Janice Rule, Morgan Brittany

30. A Stop at Willoughby

Airdate: 6 May 1960
A Stop At Willoughby - Twilight Zone Put upon by his boss and nagged by his wife, Gart Williams retreats into the fantasy world of Willoughby on his train journey home. One day, he steps off the train to find that his fantasy has come true.
Main Cast: James Daly

31. The Chaser

Airdate: 13 May 1960
The Chaser - Twilight Zone Wanting to win Leila's affections, Roger Shackleforth purchases a love potion from Professor A.Daemon. He soon becomes tired of her never-ending adoration for him. Could another trip to the Professor solve his problems?
Main Cast: George Grizzard, John McIntire

32. A Passage for Trumpet

Airdate: 20 May 1960
A Passage For Trumpet - Twilight Zone Joey, a musician, convinced life isn't worth living throws himself in front of an oncoming truck. He wakes up to find himself on the street at night, all alone. After walking around for a time, he finds he cannot see his own reflection and believes that he is a ghost.
Main Cast: Jack Klugman

33. Mr. Bevis

Airdate: 3 Jun 1960
Mr Bevis - Twilight Zone Mr. Bevis suffers one of the most horrendous days of his life; he is sacked from his job, evicted from his apartment and his beloved car is trashed. His guardian angel appears, and he is allowed to start his day all over again. Will he like his newly transformed life?
Main Cast: Orson Bean

34. The After Hours

Airdate: 10 Jun 1960
The After Hours - Twilight Zone After buying a gold thimble at a department store, Marsha White finds later that the floor on which she bought it doesn't exist.
Main Cast: Marsha White

35. The Mighty casey

Airdate: 17 Jun 1960
The Mighty Casey - Twilight Zone A baseball team on a long losing streak hire Casey, a robot pitcher. He proves to be a superb player, throwing lightning fast pitches; but does he qualify as a person?
Main Cast: Jack Warden, Robert Sorrells, Abraham Sofaer

36. A World of His Own

Airdate: 1 Jul 1960
A World Of His Own - Twilight Zone Gregory West can make anything happen by simply speaking it into his dictation machine. If he wants it to stop, he simply throws the tape into the fireplace. He conjures up a beautiful woman, but his wife, Victoria, comes home early and spots him with her. Will Victoria believe Gregory's explanation?
Main Cast: Keenan Wynn

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