Original Twilight Zone Episode List

Season One

1. Where is Everybody?

Airdate: 2 Oct 1959
A man with no memory of who he is finds himself stranded in a deserted town. He comes to the conclusion that he may be the last man alive on earth; a view that he changes when he feels himself being watched.
Main Cast: Earl Holliman, James Gregor

2. One For The Angels

Airdate: 9 Oct 1959
A pavement salesman, Lew Brookman, is visited by Mr. Death, who tells him that he has to die by midnight. Lew convinces Mr. Death to allow him to live until he has made one last big pitch.
Main Cast: Murray Hamilton, Ed Wynn, Dana Dillaway

3. Mr Denton On Doomsday

Airdate: 16 Oct 1959
When a clapped out retired gun-slinger, Al Denton, acquires a magic potion from a mysterious man going by the name of Henry J. Fate, it makes him, for a time, the fastest gunslinger in the West. The events he then experiences teach him some lessons about life.
Main Cast: Martin Landau, Doug Mclure, Malcolm Atterbury, Dan Duryea

4. The Sixteen Millimetre Shrine

Airdate: 23 Oct 1959
Barbara Jean Trenton, an ageing actress, stays in her private screening room watching her old films, trying to relive her past. Her agent, Danny Weiss, tries to arrange a new acting part for her in a movie, but this only serves to drive her into further introspection.
Main Cast: Ida Lupino, Martin Balsam, Ted de Corsia, John Clarke

5. Walking Distance

Airdate: 30 Oct 1959
When Martin Sloan is driving through the country, he makes a stop at Homewood, his hometown when he was a child. Strangely, he finds that things are still the same as they were in the past. Magically, he seems to have been transported back in time.
Main Cast: Murray Hamilton, Ed Wynn, Dana Dillaway

6. Escape Clause

Airdate: 6 Nov 1959
Walter Bedecker makes a pact with a Mr. Cadwallader; immortality for his soul. An escape clause is provided if he ever tires of his life. Bedecker soon finds that immortality is not as easy as he thought, and an escape clause may be just what he needs.
Main Cast: David Wayne, Thomas Gomez, Virginia Christine

7. The Lonely

Airdate: 13 Nov 1959
James A. Corry, a convicted criminal, is confined to solitary confinement on an asteroid nine million miles from Earth. Allenby, a supply ship captain, takes pity on him and leaves him a robot that looks like a woman. Eventually Corry falls in love with the robot.
Main Cast: David Wayne, Thomas Gomez, virginia Christine

8. Time Enough At Last

Airdate: 20 Nov 1959
Henry Bemis, a bankteller, has one passion in life - reading. When he skives off to the vault to read, the outside of the bank is hit by an almighty blastwave. Waking up, he finds that the Earth has been destroyed by nuclear war. Initially contemplating suicide, he spots a library. At last, he can do all the reading he wishes - or so he believes.
Main Cast: Burgess Meredith, Vaughn Taylor, Jacqueline deWitt, Lela Bliss

9. Perchance To Dream

Airdate: 27 Nov 1959
A highly fatigued man, Edward Hall, visits a psychiatrist and explains to him that if he falls to sleep it will trigger a nightmare and cause a fatal heart attack. He explains to the psychiatrist that in his nightmare a carnival dancer, Maya, beckons him onto a roller coaster in an attempt to frighten him to death.
Main Cast: Richard Conte, John Larch, Suzanne Lloyd

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