Original Twilight Zone Episode List

Season One

19. The Purple Testament

Airdate: 12 Feb 1960
The Purple Testament - Twilight Zone In a U.S. Army infantry platoon, Lieutenant Fitzgerald discovers that he has the ability to tell when a person is about to die by seeing a strange light flash across their faces. After correctly predicting several deaths, he tells Captain Riker of his eerie talent, who then tells Captain Gunther, a doctor. Captain Gunther believes it must be fatigue, but is it?
Main Cast: William Reynolds, Dick York, Barney Philips

20. Elegy

Airdate: 19 Feb 1960
Elegy - Twilight Zone Out of fuel, three astronauts land on an asteroid. The place is similar to Earth, but no-one moves. Soon, they meet a caretaker, who tells them that the place is an exclusive cemetery for the departed.
Main Cast: Cecil Kellaway, Jeff Morrow, Kevin Hagen, Don Dubbins

21. Mirror Image

Airdate: 26 Feb 1960
Mirror Image - Twilight Zone Millicent Barnes is waiting at a bus station for a journey that will take her to her new job at Buffalo, New York. When the bus is late, she speaks to the man at the ticket counter, who tells her that this is the third time she has asked the same question. Subsequent events lead her to believe that she is being tormented by her double.
Main Cast: Vera Miles, Martin Milner

22. The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

Airdate: 4 Mar 1960
The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street - Twilight Zone When a meteor flies overhead, Maple street undergoes a power-failure. Science-fiction reader Tommy causes widespread panic when he tells people that aliens are to blame. The paranoia that then infects Maple street threatens to set neighbour upon neighbour.
Main Cast: Claude Akins, Barry Atwater

23. A World Of Difference

Airdate: 11 Mar 1960
A World Of Difference - Twilight Zone Arthur Curtis, a successful businessman, is living a normal life until he hears someone shout "cut". He discovers that his office is a set on a sound stage. His real name is Gerry Raigan, an alcoholic movie-star in the middle of a messy divorce and an ever declining career. What sort of nightmare world has he entered, and can he escape it?
Main Cast: Howard Duff, Eileen Ryan

24. Long Live walter Jameson

Airdate: 18 Mar 1960
Long Live Walter Jameson - Twilight Zone Samuel Killridge recognises his future son-in-law, Walter Jameson, in an old Civil war photograph. He later discovers that Kilridge has the gift of eternal youth and is in fact hundreds of years old.
Main Cast: Kevin McCarthy, Edgar Stehli, Estelle Winwood

25. People Are Alike All Over

Airdate: 25 Mar 1960
People Are Alike All Over - Twilight Zone Sam Conrad and Mark Marcusson are two astronauts on a mission heading for the red planet, Mars. The landing proves to be so severe that Marcusson dies upon impact. The Martians, seemingly benevolent, build Sam Conrad a house just like the one he has on Earth. It soon becomes apparent that it has just one difference.
Main Cast: Roddy McDowall

26. Execution

Airdate: 1 Apr 1960
Execution - Twilight Zone About to be hanged for murder, Joe Caswell disappears and finds himself in a modern-day laboratory. Professor Manion explains that a time machine that he has built pulled him from the past. How will inveterate criminal caswell fare in the modern world?
Main Cast: Albert Salmi, Russell Johnson

27. The Big Tall Wish

Airdate: 8 Apr 1960
The Big Tall wish - Twilight Zone When boxer Bolie Jackson breaks his hand prior to his fight, Henry, a small boy and his biggest fan, makes his biggest tallest wish. Later, as the fight reaches its conclusion, a magical event happens that Bolie can just not come to terms with.
Main Cast: Ivan Dixon, Steven Perry

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