Original Twilight Zone Episode List

Season One

10. Judgement Night

Airdate: 4 Dec 1959
Having no memory of how he got there, German Carl Lanser finds himself aboard the S.S. Glasgow. Lanser fears that they are being stalked by a U-boat and that they will be killed at 1.15 a.m. He frantically tries to convince the crew, unsuccessfully, that an attack is imminent.
Main Cast: Nehemiah Persoff, Ben Wright, Patrick Macnee

11. And When The Sky Was Opened

Airdate: 11 Dec 1959
And When The Sky Was Opened - Twilight Zone Three astronauts flying an experimental rocketship for the first time strangely disappear and then reappear from the radar. After they land, they find that all evidence of their existences are slowly being erased from history.
Main Cast: Rod Taylor, Charles Aidman, Jim Hutton

12. What You Need

Airdate: 25 Dec 1959
What You Need - Twilight Zone Pavement salesman Pedott has a strange ability; he can give people just what they need. He helps many people in his encounters. When he meets a man called Renard, a cheap hustler, Pedott finds his benevolence exploited.
Main Cast: Steve Cochran, Ernest Truex

13. The Four Of Us Are Dying

Airdate: 1 Jan 1960
The Four Of Us Are Dying - Twilight Zone Arch Hammer, a cheap nickel-and-dime man, has a talent he discovered at an early age; he can contort his face into any shape he wants. When he uses it to escape the demons of his past, he finds he must be careful who he impersonates.
Main Cast: Harry Townes, Philip Vine, John Gordon, Ross Martin

14. Third From The Sun

Airdate: 8 Jan 1960
Third From The Sun - Twilight Zone When scientists William Sturka and Jerry Riden believe that a nuclear holocaust is imminent, they decide to escape with their families by stealing an experimental rocketship. What they do not know is that a fellow colleague is onto their game.
Main Cast: Fritz Weaver, Joe Maross

15. I Shot An Arrow In The Air

Airdate: 15 Jan 1960
I Shot An Arrow In The Air - Twilight Zone The Arrow one, the Earth's first manned spacecraft, crashes killing three of the eight astronauts on board. Believing they are stranded on an asteroid, and with only five gallons of water left, tensions lead to desperate measures.
Main Cast: Dewey Martin, Edward Binns

16. The Hitch-Hiker

Airdate: 22 Jan 1960
The Hitch Hiker - Twilight Zone Nan Adams has a motor accident while driving across the country from New York to Los Angeles. She has a mechanic put a tyre on her car, and when she comes to drive it away she sees a strange man hitch-hiking. As she drives further on, she somehow sees the same hitch-hiker repeatedly turn up.
Main Cast: Inger Stevens, Leonard Strong

17. The Fever

Airdate: 29 Jan 1960
The Fever - Twilight Zone Franklin Gibbs loathes gambling. When his wife Flora wins a trip to Las vegas, he is forced to go. While there, he encounters a slot-machine calling his name and is slowly but surely dragged into a world of gambling fever.
Main Cast: Everett Sloane, Vivi Janiss

18. The Last Flight

Airdate: 5 Feb 1960
The Last Flight - Twilight Zone When his friend becomes surrounded by enemy planes during a World War I mission, Flight Lieutenant Decker deserts him and flies through a strange white cloud. He lands finding himself at a modern-day American Air base.
Main Cast: Kenneth Haig, Simon Scott

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