Original Star Trek Episode List

Who can forget the introduction to the original series of Star Trek?

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go where no man has gone beforeā€¦

Created by Gene Roddenberry, the original incarnation of the science fiction television series Star Trek ran from September 1966 to June 1969. The series ran for three seasons and comprised 79 episodes.

The series has three main recurring characters. William Shatner plays Captain Kirk, Leonard Nimoy plays Mr. Spock, and DeForest Kelley plays Dr. Leonard "Bones" McKoy. The show highlights their adventures onboard the Federation starship Enterprise.

A pilot episode of Star Trek, The Cage, was completed in January 1965. This episode features a different cast to the one we are normally used to. Jeffrey Hunter stars as Captain Christopher Pike, Majel Barrett as Number One, with Leonard Nimoy in his usual role as Mr. Spock. The pilot was rejected by NBC as being too cerebral, so Gene Roddenberry was asked to produce another pilot. This is called Where No Man Has Gone Before and was shown as the third episode in the original run.

After the first two seasons, NBC considered cancelling the show due to poor ratings. Star Trek fans inundated NBC with protest letters and the network decided to produce a third season. When the show was cancelled after its third season, Star Trek was released to television stations as a syndication package which grew the series into a phenomenon in popular culture. The popularity of the original Star Trek episodes led to another five television series and eleven Star Trek motion pictures.

The regular actors who feature in Star Trek are as follows:-

Captain Kirk -- William Shatner
Mr. Spock -- Leonard Nimoy
Dr. McKoy -- DeForest Kelley
Uhura -- Nichelle Nichols
Scotty -- James Doohan
Sulu -- George Takei
Chekov -- Walter Koenig
Nurse Chapell -- Majel Barrett

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