Original Star Trek Episode List

Season Three

72. That Which Survives

Airdate: 24 Jan 1969
Stardate: ?
That Which Survives When an Enterprise landing party beams down to a geologically unique planet to investigate, their ship is hurled a thousand light years across the galaxy. A female alien in the transporter room is to blame, and she next appears on the planet's surface terrorising the landing crew, consisting of Kirk, McKoy, Spock and Lieutenant D'Amato.

73. The Lights of Zetar

Airdate: 31 Jan 1969
Stardate: 5725.3
The Lights of Zetar The Enterprise is to install some new equipment on Memory Alpha, a library storage facility for the Federation. Scotty has been working with Lieutenant Mira Romaine on the project, and they have formed a romantic bond. When a space storm arrives at the facility, it kills the staff but also brings something that possesses the body of Lieutenant Romaine.

74. Requiem for Methuselah

Airdate: 14 Feb 1969
Stardate: 5843.7
Requiem for Methuselah Gathering the mineral ryetalyn from a supposedly uninhabited planet, Kirk, Spock and McKoy encounter Flint and his brilliant ward, Rayna. However, Flint has ulterior motives and his intention is to capture the Enterprise.

75. The Way to Eden

Airdate: 21 Feb 1969
Stardate: 5832.3
The Way to Eden The Enterprise is commanded to pursue a group of radical idealists who have stolen a space cruiser to journey to the mythical planet of Eden. The group takes their ship over its limits and the Enterprise has to save them by beaming them aboard. Led by their irrational leader, Dr. Sevrin, they manage to take over the Enterprise and continue their journey to Eden.

76. The Cloud Minders

Airdate: 28 Feb 1969
Stardate: 5818.4
The Cloud Minders While picking up the mineral Zenite from the only planet where it is mined, Kirk and Spock get caught up in a revolution between troglodyte miners and intellectuals.

77. The Savage Curtain

Airdate: 7 Mar 1969
Stardate: 5906.4
The Savage Curtain A molten creature's understanding of the concept of "good vs evil" is helped when Kirk, Spock, Abraham Lincoln and Surak, a great Vulcan, do deadly battle against four notorious villains from the past.

78. All Our Yesterdays

Airdate: 14 Mar 1969
Stardate: 5943.7
All Our Yesterdays Investigating the disapperance of the population of the doomed planet Sarpeidon, Spock and McKoy find themselves trapped in the world's past with the help of a time machine called the Atavachron. They entered unprepared, so Kirk must retrieve them before they die.

79. Turnabout Intruder

Airdate: 3 Jun 1969
Stardate: 5928.5
Turnabout Intruder Kirk meets his old flame Janice Lester on the planet Camus II. Supposedly she is dying of radiation poisoning, but she is also a woman scorned and is determined to get her revenge on Kirk. She uses an alien machine to swap the consciousness of Kirk and herself to get control of the Enterprise. Kirk, inhabiting Janice's body, must convince Spock of the dire situation.