Original Star Trek Episode List

Season Three

64. The Tholian Web

Airdate: 15 Nov 1968
Stardate: 5693.2
The Tholian Web The derelict starship Defiant with captain Kirk aboard disappears into a spatial interphase between universes. Spock is convinced that Kirk is still alive, so maintains the Enterprise's position despite a mounting hysteria onboard, the same hysteria that laid waste to the Defiant, while all the time three Tholian ships are laying a force field around the ship.

65. Plato's Stepchildren

Airdate: 22 Nov 1968
Stardate: 5784.2
Plato's Stepchildren The Enterprise responds to a distress call from the planet Platonius. They find Parmen, the leader of Platonius, delirious after his leg has become infected. The planet's residents are an ancient civilisation and they once flourished on Earth during Plato's time. They have developed psychokinetic powers, but also have reduced immune systems. When Dr. McKoy refuses their offer to stay, they begin to make sport with the landing party.

66. Wink of an Eye

Airdate: 29 Nov 1968
Stardate: 5710.5
Wink of an Eye The Enterprise receives a distress call from the planet Scalos. When Kirk and a landing party beam down, they find no living beings on the surface. It transpires that Scalosians live their lives at a much higher rate of acceleration, rendering them invisible to the eye. The Scalosians have a plan to turn the Enterprise into a cryogenic storage facility for their crew. Deela, a Scalosian, accelerates Kirk so that they can interact, but to the Enterprise crew he has disappeared. Can Kirk find a way to contact the Enterprise?

67. The Empath

Airdate: 6 Dec 1968
Stardate: 5121.5
The Empath Kirk, Spock and McKoy are temporarily stranded on the second planet of the star Minara during a radiation storm. Suddenly, they find themselves in an underground laboratory where they meet a mute empath, who has the ability to absorb other peoples' pain.

68. Elaan of Troyius

Airdate: 20 Dec 1968
Stardate: 4372.5
Elaan of Troyius The Enterprise has to transport Elaan, a member of the ruling dynasty of the warrior Elasians, to their enemy's planet for an arranged marriage that is supposed to prevent an interplanetary war. However, she is arrogant and rude and Kirk must teach her some manners. He must be careful though, as the tears of Elasian women can act as a love potion.

69. Whom Gods Destroy

Airdate: 3 Jan 1969
Stardate: 5718.3
Whom Gods Destroy The Enterprise arrives at the planet Elba II, a home for the criminally insane, to deliver a serum that has the power to cure all the inmates. Kirk and Spock beam down to the planet but find that the inmates are now in control.

70. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

Airdate: 10 Jan 1969
Stardate: 5730.2
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield The Enterprise is put in the middle of an ancient conflict between two warring aliens, whose enmity is fuelled by racial differences. To make matters worse, they both have extraordinary mental powers.

71. The Mark of Gideon

Airdate: 17 Jan 1969
Stardate: 5423.4
The Mark of Gideon While in the process of beaming down to the planet Gideon, Captain Kirk inexplicably finds himself back in the Enterprise transporter room but on a deserted ship. That is until he sees Odona, a beautiful young woman, who also has no idea of how she got there. What exactly is going on?