Original Star Trek Episode List

Season Three

56. Spock's Brain

Airdate: 20 Sep 1968
Stardate: 5431.4
Spock's Brain A humanoid female from an advanced civilisation appears on the bridge and renders everyone unconscious. For some unknown reason, she flees with Spock's brain. Mckoy must keep Spock's body alive while the crew of the Enterprise search for his brain.

57. The Enterprise Incident

Airdate: 27 Sep 1968
Stardate: 5027.3
The Enterprise Incident On Kirk's orders, the Enterprise crosses the Neutral Zone into Romulan space and is soon surrounded by Romulan warships. They are each equipped with cloaking devices, rendering them invisible. Has captain Kirk gone insane, or does he have a hidden motive?

58. The Paradise Syndrome

Airdate: 4 Oct 1968
Stardate: 4842.6
The Paradise Syndrome Kirk, Spock and Mckoy beam down to a planet that is in the path of an asteroid. It is a world whose culture is very similar to that of the North American Indians. Their stay is meant to be a short one as the mission's goal is to prevent the collision of the asteroid, still months away. Unfortunately, Kirk goes missing and loses his memory, forcing Spock to take control of the Enterprise.

59. And the Children Shall Lead

Airdate: 11 Oct 1968
Stardate: 5029.5
And the Children Shall Lead A distress call is received by the Enterprise from a scientific colony on Triacus. On arrival, all of the adults are found dead and only the children remain. The children are seemingly unaffected by their parents' deaths and still play as though nothing has happened. What strange force is at work here?

60. Is There in Truth No Beauty?

Airdate: 18 Oct 1968
Stardate: 5630.7
Is There in Truth No Beauty A beautiful telepathic interpreter, Miranda Jones, escorts Medusan ambassador Kollos and Engineer Laurence Marvick to the Enterprise. Medusans are so ugly that the mere sight of them can drive a human to the point of insanity, so they have to be transported in a special box.

61. Spectre of the Gun

Airdate: 25 Oct 1968
Stardate: 4385.3
Spectre of the Gun As a punishment for trespassing on the planet Theta Kiokis II, Kirk, Spock, McKoy, Scotty and Chekov are trapped in a psychic illusion. They quickly realise that they are in a strange re-enacment of the legendary "Gunfight at the O.K Corral". Not only that, but they are also playing the characters on the losing side, the Clantons!

62. Day of the Dove

Airdate: 1 Nov 1968
Stardate: ?
Day of the Dove An extremely powerful alien entity brings the Enterprise and a belligerent Klingon warship into direct conflict. The entity gets its energy from the friction created between sentient beings. Kirk and Klingon captain Kang are forced to work together to defeat the alien being.

63. For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

Airdate: 8 Nov 1968
Stardate: 5476.3
For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky When the Enterprise is fired upon, the crew trace the weapons to an asteroid 200 miles wide. In fact it is a starship on a collision course with the highly populated planet Darren V. When Kirk and company beam aboard, they discover that the people do not realise that they are in fact aboard a ship. It takes McKoy, who has also formed an attachment with the high-priestess, to find a solution to the impending disaster.