Original Star Trek Episode List

Season Two

30. Amok Time

Airdate: 15 Sep 1967
Stardate: 3372.7
Amok Time Spock is behaving irrationally as he has entered the 'blood fever', the time when Vulcans return to a primitive, hormonal state, in order to find a mate. He must return to Vulcan immediately, or die!

31. Who Mourns for Adonais

Airdate: 22 Sep 1967
Stardate: 3468.1
Who Mourns for Adonais The Enterprise is stopped dead in its tracks by a powerful force. Soon, a being claiming to be Apollo demands that the crew beam down and worship him.

32. The Changeling

Airdate: 29 Sep 1967
Stardate: 3541.9
The Changeling A powerful energy force is encountered by the Enterprise that has apparently killed all human life in a particular solar system. The culprit turns out to be a space probe that originated on Earth. Strangely, it believes that Captain Kirk is its creator.

33. Mirror, Mirror

Airdate: 6 Oct 1967
Stardate: ?
Mirror, Mirror Beaming up during an ion storm, a transporter malfunction causes the landing party comprising Kirk, McKoy, Scotty and Uhura to be transported into an alternate universe where the Federation is a brutal empire. Meanwhile, on the other Enterprise, they have beamed aboard a party of brutes, similar in appearance to the original landing party.

34. The Apple

Airdate: 13 Oct 1967
Stardate: 3715.3
The Apple A landing party beams down to a seemingly peaceful and ideal planet. However, it soon becomes apparent that the planet is ruled by an all-powerful computer that keeps it inhabitants in control, albeit healthy.

35. The Doomsday Machine

Airdate: 20 Oct 1967
Stardate: 4202.9
The Doomsday Machine The U.S.S. Constellation and its entire crew was destroyed by a gigantic robot that consumes planets for fuel. Left behind is Commodore Decker, a guilt-ridden commander. The obsessed Decker is determined to destroy the robot even if it puts the Enterprise at risk.

36. Catspaw

Airdate: 27 Oct 1967
Stardate: 3018.2
Catspaw When Kirk and his landing party arrive on a planet, they see eerie mists, dark castles, witches and a black cat. These things are just illusions, and in reality they are under the influence of Korob, a wizard. The black cat also happens to be a powerful witch. Kirk and Spock must try hard to find a means of escape.

37. I, Mudd

Airdate: 3 Nov 1967
Stardate: 4513.3
I, Mudd The Enterprise spends four days travelling at warp speed to an unknown planet when an android unexpectedly takes control. When the landing party beams down to the planet, it finds that Harry Mudd is the ruler of a planet populated entirely by androids. Harry Mudd has one problem in his luxurious existence - the androids won't let him leave. Kirk and Spock must find a way to disable them.

38. Metamorphosis

Airdate: 10 Nov 1967
Stardate: 3219.4
Metamorphosis Captain Kirk, Spock and McKoy are transporting a sick Federation Ambassador, Nancy Hedford, in the shuttlecraft to the Enterprise. A mysterious energy cloud pulls them down to the planet Gamma Canaris N where they meet castaway Zefram Cochrane, who claims to be the inventor of the warp drive 100 years ago. How could it be him when he appears so young?