Original Star Trek Episode List

Season One

1. The Man Trap

Airdate: 8 Sep 1966
Stardate: 1513.1
The Man Trap The crew visit the planet M-113 to give husband and wife archaelogical team, Nancy and Dr. Crater, a routine medical examination. After their arrival aboard the Enterprise, crewmen turn up dead, their bodies drained of salt, and with strange marks on their faces. It is left to Spock and his logical mind to untangle the mystery.

2. Charlie X

Airdate: 15 Sep 1966
Stardate: 1533.6
Charlie X The Antares space vessel rescues a 17-year-old boy, Charlie Evans, from the surface of Thasus, a forbidding planet. He is handed to the Enterprise. He then proceeds to terrorise the crew with his strange mental powers. His prescence could even threaten the survival of the Federation. Who is Charlie, and where do his powers come from?

3. Where No Man Has Gone Before

Airdate: 22 Sep 1966
Stardate: 1312.4
Where No Man Has Gone Before The Enterprise is damaged when it attempts to penetrate a space barrier. A potentially worse problem is also created when two crew members gain incredible psionic powers that are growing at an incredible rate. They could put the Enterprise in serious risk, and it forces Kirk to make a difficult decision.

4. The Naked Time

Airdate: 29 Sep 1966
Stardate: 1704.2
The Naked Time An infection is brought on board the Enterprise that killed a science team on the planet Psi 2000. It manifests itself by stripping the infected party of all inhibition. The starship is reduced to a shambles and is soon plummeting towards the self-destructing planet.

5. The Enemy Within

Airdate: 6 Oct 1966
Stardate: 1672.1
The Enemy Within A malfunctioning transporter splits captain Kirk into two distinct personalities: One is weak and indecisive; the other is brash, violent and mean-spirited. As if this is not enough to contend with, Scotty has to repair the transporter before the stranded landing party is frozen to death.

6. Mudd's Women

Airdate: 13 Oct 1966
Stardate: 1329.8
Mudd's Women The Enterprise picks up space entrepreneur Harry Mudd, who is accompanied by three beautiful women. The women immediately put a spell on all of the crewmen.

7. What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Airdate: 20 Oct 1966
Stardate: 2712.4
What Are Little Girls Made Of? The crew land on planet EXO-III to locate the renowned scientist Dr. Roger Korby, a man who is believed to be dead. Korby is found alive, but he is also a man obsessed with a certain alien technology. It has the power to reproduce humans into androids. Korby plans to use the technology to duplicate Captain Kirk.

8. Miri

Airdate: 27 Oct 1966
Stardate: 2713.5
Miri The Enterprise recieves an SOS signal and finds a planet that is almost identical to Earth. A landing party beams down to discover a population made up solely of children. They learn that the children have a virus which kills them when they reach puberty. The landing party also contracts the virus and must find a cure fast.

9. Dagger of the Mind

Airdate: 3 Nov 1966
Stardate: 2715.1
Dagger of the Mind Dr. Marcus Van Gelder, a disturbed staff member of the Tantalus penal colony, manages to escape to the Enterprise. Captain Kirk and Dr. Helen Noel beam down to the planet to investigate the situation. Dr. Tristan Adams is the prison head, and he is greatly admired for his work with criminals. However, Kirk has some misgivings about Adams.

10. The Corbomite Maneuver

Airdate: 10 Nov 1966
Stardate: 1512.2
The Corbomite Maneuver While exploring an unchartered region of space, the Enterprise destroys a cube-shaped warning buoy blocking its path. Immediately, an alien ship, the I.S.S. Fesarius, appears trapping the Enterprise. An alien being called Balok appears on the viewscreen and announces that the Enterprise will be destroyed for trespassing. Kirk must think quick to save his ship.