Original Star Trek Episode List

Season One

11. The Menagerie, Part I

Airdate: 17 Nov 1966
Stardate: 3012.4
The Menagerie Part 1 Spock takes control of the Enterprise in order to escort his erstwhile crippled captain, Christopher Pike, to the forbidden world of Talos IV. He demands a court martial and proceeds to relate the events of Pike's captivity on the planet years earlier.

12. The Menagerie, Part II

Airdate: 24 Nov 1966
Stardate: 3013.1
The Menagerie Part 2 Spock continues to detail the events of Talos IV to the tribunal. Footage obtained from the events on the planet show how the Talosians were capable of placing Captain Pike in worlds from his imagination and memory using their mind-reading powers. The reason for Spock's mutiny soon becomes apparent to the court.

13. The Conscience of the King

Airdate: 8 Dec 1966
Stardate: 2817.6
The Conscience of the King Captain Kirk investigates the accusation that a well-known actor is in fact Kodos the Executioner, a presumed dead mass murderer. Meanwhile, a mysterious assailant is killing anyone who may be able to identify him.

14. Balance of Terror

Airdate: 15 Dec 1966
Stardate: 1709.2
Balance of Terror The Enterprise has to decide on its course of action when a Romulan starship makes a hostile probe of Federation territory.

15. Shore Leave

Airdate: 29 Dec 1966
Stardate: 3025.3
Shore Leave Captain Kirk authorises shore leave for his fatigued crew. The planet chosen is uninhabited and with an Earth-like atmosphere but very soon after landing crew members start to see strange apparitions.

16. The Gaileo Seven

Airdate: 5 Jan 1967
Stardate: 2821.5
The Galileo Seven A shuttlecraft commanded by Mr. Spock is forced to land on a hostile planet populated by savage beasts. Spocks's logical and emotionless leadership does not sit well with the crew, in particular Mr. Boma who constantly challenges him. Meanwhile, the Enterprise must locate them fast as urgent medical supplies need to be delivered elsewhere.

17. The Squire of Gothos

Airdate: 12 Jan 1967
Stardate: 2124.5
The Squire of Gothos When Kirk and Sulu disappear from the Enterprise's bridge, Spock leads a landing party to the planet they are orbiting. They find a dandyish man, Trelane, living in an eighteenth century castle. Trelane acts like a spoiled boy, and it becomes clear that he wants the crew to keep him company. The crew must find Trelane's power source and destroy it if they are to free themselves from his grip.

18. Arena

Airdate: 19 Jan 1967
Stardate: 3045.6
Arena An alien race called the Gorn destroy an Earth colony leading to the Enterprise pursuing them across the galaxy. Another unknown race of powerful aliens intervenes forcing Captain Kirk and the captain of the Gorn ship to face one another in combat. The loser and his crew will be killed.

19. Tomorrow is Yesterday

Airdate: 26 Jan 1967
Stardate: 3113.2
Tomorrow is Yesterday

The Enterprise tries to escape the gravitational field of a black star and find themselves flung back in time to 1960's Earth. Seen by a U.S. Air Force pilot, they are forced to beam him aboard. Now they must decide what to do with him.

20. Court Martial

Airdate: 2 Feb 1967
Stardate: 2947.3
Court Martial Captain Kirk files a report about the death of crew member Finney, who was jettisoned from a pod to prevent the Enterprise from being put in danger. However, logs indicate that Finney was jettisoned prematurely, leading to Kirk being court martialled for negligence in Finney's death.