Classic Science Fiction Films of the 50s & 60s



Dr. Charles Decker comes back from Africa after spending a year there. During that year, he discovered a way of growing animate matter to an enormous size. He tests his theory on a baby chimpanzee which he uses to gain vengeance on his many enemies. When it reaches gigantic proportions, it creates havoc in London city.
Starring Michael Gough, Margo Johns, Jess Conrad.
Konga 1961


A large saucer shaped object crashes into the ocean near to Mexico. The object, Kronos, is actually a giant machine which foretells of the danger of the overconsumption of energy resources. It attacks power stations and drains them of their energy. Eventually, Kronos becomes larger and larger in size and consumes more and more energy, threatening the Earth's very existence.
Starring Jeff Morrow, Barbara Lawrence.
Kronos 1957

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