Classic Science Fiction Films of the 50s & 60s


The Amazing Colossal Man

Lt. Col. Glenn Manning, an officer in the U.S. army, suffers 90 percent burns following an inadvertent exposure to radiation from a bomb blast. Miraculously, he survives the exposure and his wounds fully heal. Unfortunately, the radiation has affected him in such a way that he starts to grow at an incredible rate, eventually reaching 60-foot tall. Not only that, but his incredible height stops the blood flowing to his brain and he slowly goes insane. Can anything stop the Amazing Colossal Man?
Starring Glenn Langan, Cathy Downs, William Hudson.
The Amazing Colossal Man 1957

The Amazing Transparent Man

Ex-Major Paul Krenner wants to conquer the world with an army of invisible soldiers. Using his hires muscle Julian, he forces scientist Peter Ulof to perfect the invisibility machine that he has created by keeping his daughter, Maria, imprisoned. Unfortunately, the radiation-based process has some unforeseen side-effects.
Starring James Griffith, Marguerite Chapman
The Amazing Transparent Man 1959

The Angry Red Planet

The MR-1 rocketship returns to Earth after the first manned flight to Mars. The ship was thought to have been lost in space but mission control landed it by remote control when they could not raise the crew by radio. Dr Iris Ryan and Col Tom O'Bannion are the only two survivors found onboard and Col O'Bannion has a strange alien growth on his arm. Dr Iris Ryan recounts the mission report.
Starring Gerald Mohr, Naura Hayden, Jack Kruschen, Les Tremayne.
The Angry Red Planet 1959

The Astouding She-Monster

A pair of crooks have kidnapped a heiress for the ransom money and are holed up in the country house of a geologist. They suddenly hear an explosion in the woods; it is a spacecraft containing a sexy alien in a skintight metallic suit!
Starring Robert Clarke, Kenne Duncan.
The Astounding She-Monster 1957

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

Nancy Archer is a wealthy alcoholic with a cheating husband. While in a drunken stupor, she encounters an alien in the deserts of California. But nobody will believe a drunk. Nancy suddenly starts to grow and reaches a height of 50 foot as a result of radiation contact with the alien. In her huge state, she aims to get revenge on all those who annoyed her.
Starring Allison Hayes, William Hudson, Yvette Vickers.
Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman 1958

Attack of the Crab Monsters

Some scientists researching nuclear fallout go missing. Mutant crabs produced by radiation and rock slides are among some of the problems encountered by the rescue party.
Starring Richard Garland, Pamela Duncan.
Attack Of The Crab Monsters 1957

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